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Co-Curricular Activities

At Sprawling Buds ICSE School,  we see the curriculum as something that embraces more or less everything that a student does. You may ask why we see the curriculum that way. For many schools, the curriculum is just the academic part of what a child studies. But that really doesn’t do justice to what an education is.

"We aim to support and encourage our students to explore the world and all that it has to offer; this is also true beyond the classroom."

There are endless opportunities for the children to discover their individual talents and passions and develop them.

Hobby Classes

Classes for Singing, Dancing, Drawing & Painting, Yoga on regular basis as part of the daily time table. The Creative Arts thrive outside the classroom.  We offer students the opportunity to explore their individual creativity and hone their many talents.

Art and Craft at Sprawing Buds


Individual creativity is a vital part of education at Sprawling Buds. Our art department is focused on developing each student’s individual artistic talents and encouraging pupils to engage with and appreciate the world around them.

We encourage students to develop a lifelong appreciation of the creative arts with visits to museums, galleries and a series of art lectures. We also showcase pupils’ own work in the school display board.


All pupils can get involved in School’s vibrant drama scene, whether on stage or backstage in one of our big productions or with their housemates in the house drama competition.

Performance opportunities exist for all students of all ages, with some productions confined to particular year groups. 



The unique atmosphere in the Music class emanates from a shared desire to ensure all students enjoy music to the full.

Our aim to nurture and develop young musicians, of every level, provides them with exceptional performing opportunities, inspirational music lessons and a highly-successful instrumental scheme.

Physical Activities

From the beginner to elite athlete, we offer every student the opportunity to participate and develop in a wide range of sporting activities. We value sport not only for the health and fitness benefits it provides but also for the values of enjoyment, discipline, independence, camaraderie and teamwork. Our team of dedicated and passionate specialist teachers and professional coaches, are on hand to provide high-quality tuition and guidance, helping each student fulfil their potential.

Many of our students excel at sport, and we are very proud that the vast majority of our sports compete at the highest national level.

We offer a very wide range of sports and games, so that every student can find at least one in which she/he can excel:








The only Sport Climbing Wall in Jammu is at

Sprawling Buds ICSE School

Sports Wall
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