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Management and School Staff


Sprawling Buds School, Jammu is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi, an all-India Board.
The objects of the Council is educational, and includes the promotion of science, literature, the fine arts and the diffusion of useful knowledge by conducting school examination through the medium of English. The Council exists solely for educational purposes and not for purposes of profit.

About Us

We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce SPRAWLING BUDS ICSE SCHOOL, THE FIRST CISCE AFFILIATED SCHOOL in J&K, to you and thank you for expressing an interest in our school.

                              We believe we provide a very special environment in which both our pupils and staff grow and develop, and I hope what you see here will convey a small sense of what we have to offer. Our purpose is simple: We want to develop confident, articulate young men and women, who are interesting, balanced and independent people who care for each other. 

                               Our school provides an outstanding learning experience, but we are so much more than just our examination results. Although we do pride ourselves on our academic success, the outcome of a school should never be measured only in statistical summaries, but rather it is the journey, as well as the destination of our pupils, that is key to our success. This means we focus on every aspect of the development of our young people – their cultural, physical, moral and social development. We recognise the importance of developing a strong sense of belonging and believe in educating the whole person and teaching traditional values. This is reflected in our diverse and full extra-curricular programme and we expect our pupils to embrace the opportunities offered to them. By encouraging pupils to take part in the wide variety of activities available, we can nurture their leadership qualities, promote high moral values and encourage excellent communication skills. We want our pupils to be simultaneously competitive, co-operative and caring, as this will ultimately prepare them for life.

                                 At Sprawling Buds we have high standards, and we expect the same of our pupils; we want them to be ambitious for their own development, and apply themselves to their studies with intellectual curiosity and academic endeavour. The celebration of success is important to us and we take every opportunity to commend our pupils for their achievements, whether they be at house, school, regional or national level. Our pupils are an inspiration to others around them.

Education is a lifelong journey, and we have the privilege of being able to prepare young men and women for the next part of that journey. If you share our values and aims and are interested in learning more about Sprawling Buds, then we invite you to pay us a visit, meet some of our inspirational pupils and spend some time with us in school.   

Support Environment

Upon joining the school, all students are placed in a House in the care of a House In-charge. The House In-charge stays with their group throughout their time at the school and is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the student's development, including their general welfare.
Form House In-charges build strong relationships with each student through regular one-to-one meetings.​


  • promoting the best habits of independent thought and learning in the pursuit of excellence;

  • providing a broadly-based education designed to enable all the students to discover their strengths, and to make the most of their talents within school and beyond;

  • engendering respect for individuality, difference, the importance of teamwork and the contribution that each student makes to the life of the school and the community;

  • fostering self-confidence, enthusiasm, perseverance, tolerance and integrity.

Our Staff

  • We have well-qualified full-time teachers, temporary members of staff, sports coaches and music-teachers.

  • The academic staff is supported by a very large number of others who prepare laboratories, look after libraries, print and distribute documents, look after gardens and grounds, maintain and repair our modern buildings, ensure a safe and secure environment and clean rooms.

  • The school’s financial and other administration involves a further large cohort of people who busy themselves with things most people never think about.

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