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Welcome 2018-19

Sprawling Buds ICSE School, welcomes everyone to the first day of the new school session 2018-19. It is lovely to see our students and staff smiling and ready for the new session 2018-19. With the start of new session, please remember that each and every one of you plays a important role in helping us to achieve our vision of first choice to learn, to work and to grow.

The performance of the students in academics as well as co-curricular activities has charged all of us with enthusiasm and given to think that we as a school are growing. We want to see each of you grow and thrive, question, study and learn.

We want to congratulate my dear students for the progress. Cheers for those who have kept ranks and also for those who have improved their grades. If you have not improved your performance, this is the time to retrospect and buckle up. It is never too late to start moving upwards. As you are moving to higher classes, so work more harder than earlier.

My dear students and teachers, as we start the new school year, we want you to make this year one where you do the best you can.

What we would like to see this year, is for all of you to be kind to one another.

With kindness we mean the care we do for other person and do nice things for them. It means that we forgive them even when they are mean to us and it means we help them when they are feeling sad or left out.

Our teachers caring attitudes lead us to tremendous student personality development. Commitment of effective teachers involves meticulous preparation, lively presentation, critical thinking, appreciative listening, constructive evaluation and general curiosity. It involves immense hard work and it involves failing along the way. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. It is how we, ourselves, learn. But try continuously to cut down the mistakes and avoid ones that we are not legally liable for!

We urge our teachers to embrace the journey and to be practitioners of life long learning. And we assure you that the journey's destination for you and your students is worth the effort. The best teachers make a significant and lasting impression on young people. Good teachers can make a huge difference to how young people feel about themselves and how much they can achieve.

All the very best to all of you for the New Academic Session 2018-19.

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